About Me

My name is Tord and I'm a freelancing programmer with 9 years of professional experience. I've mainly been doing iOS development the last few years, but have experience of Android and various back-end technologies as well.

Contact Details

Axel IT AB
Runsten 6
38694 Färjestaden



What I do

Mainly iOS (Swift & Objective-C) development.

What I've done

I've been working for companies and organizations like ICA Banken, TV4, Com Hem, Avanza & Readly International. Please take a look at the specifications below for details. On my spare time I'm interested in robotics and electronics development.

What I like to do

I would like to build a fully autonomous small scale farming system out there in the woods.



Web and iOS client development September 2013 - Present

Since the start of 2014, I've been working with Media companies such as Readly, TV4 & Com Hem and fintech companies like ICA Banken & Avanza.

Isotop AB

Developer September 2010 - January 2013

During this time, I had the fortune to be working with a lot of different companies and technologies. This includes a few back-end development jobs in Ruby/Rails, Android applications, iOS applications, .NET and EPiServer applications and much more.

Before that

Web development 2008-2009

I started to freelance during my studies in Linköping. I did a few minor PHP and Python/Django jobs, but was primarily working for the Swedish internet operator Bredband2 developing their business logic and CMS in a custom made PHP system.